Novels in Progress

Please see blog posts for an extract/teaser for each novel.

My Brother’s Dominatrix – Womens Fiction

When 45-year-old Phil dies of an unexpected heart attack, his straight-laced sister Sarah is shocked to find out he’s left everything to his Dominatrix. Sarah steels herself and contacts Angel Belle. Together they visit the Chapel of Rest, but is the body in the coffin really Phil?

The Travelling Philanthropist – a time slip novel

21-year-old Anna Stratton is adopted. Her relationship with her adoptive parents becomes estranged when she tries to form a relationship with her birth mother. Anna lives with her controlling boyfriend Matt, who works for a national newspaper. She works in London for the magazine, The Tube and Eye and dreams of becoming a proper journalist.

One night, after an evening with her friend Zoe, Anna heads to Westminster Bridge, the place she last saw her birth mother.

On the same day, 260 years before, two scientists on Westminster Bridge, are conducting trials on experimental time travelling equipment. A supernatural ‘miscalculation’ causes an ‘alternative version’ of Anna to be transported back to eighteenth century London.

Anna, unable to remember her previous existence, is indebted to servant girl, Mercy, who comes to her aid. Anna offers to repay her kindness by accompanying her to the Foundling Hospital in an attempt to recover her child. She is aided in her quest and battles against officialdom, corruption and male dominated eighteenth century society, by Janus Gregory – a well-respected philanthropist. He is a valued benefactor of the Foundling Hospital, as well as the founder member of the secret Prism Society (responsible for the development of the time machine). Despite dangers to Anna’s life and liberty, she and Janus uncover an illicit trade in foundling children.

Meanwhile Anna in the parallel and contemporary world, is still trying to track down her birth mother. She becomes increasingly plagued by bouts of disassociation, fugues and paranoia.

It is not possible for Anna to survive indefinitely in both worlds. It becomes a race against time for her to find the missing child and return to her own world.

Pearl Seekers – YA contemporary story about sibling relationships

Sisters, Bekka and Liv are both struggling to cope after the breakup of their parents. Bekka is rebellious and mixing with a bad crowd, whilst Liv takes on the role of peace keeper.

Bekka arrives home one day, to find an ambulance on her drive – Liv has attempted suicide. Two weeks later, Liv disappears…

Liv has met the mysterious Dorin and has run away from her life. Travelling with him to a hippy commune based in the Yorkshire moors, she becomes infatuated with charismatic cult leader, Thomas.

Bekka sets out to find her sister, aided by former member of the cult, Casey, but Liv has no intentions of coming home. Despondent, Bekka realises that without her sister she has nothing to return to.

Things at the cult are becoming darker -Thomas is grooming Liv for some sinister purpose. Dorin, discovering secrets about the cult, resorts to blackmail and the kidnap of Casey’s child. Bekka and Liv must unite to discover Thomas’ real intentions in order to rescue the child.

The Changeling – YA Fantasy Fiction

After his father’s business takes a nosedive, twelve year old Reuben has to leave his friends and move to Cornwall with his family. Reuben soon notices changes in his baby sister Lucie, but his parents, preoccupied with making ends meet, won’t listen.

He befriends thirteen year old Tegan – a goth girl with her own problems – and together they discover the reason for Lucie’s character change – she’s been stolen by spriggans (evil Cornish piskies) and replaced with a changeling child. With the help of an old Cornish woman, Bronnen, they meet Devin – one of the spriggans, and journey to the underworld of Obukula, hidden in the old tin mines and controlled by evil spriggan dictator Camlin.

Seeking to rescue the real Lucie, they become embroiled in a bigger battle for the survival of the human world.

Prescient Spirit – gothic psychological thriller

Mark and Hanna Conte run a private respite care home ‘The Sanctuary’ – a rambling gothic former monastery. Mark’s mother has moved in, helping them financially, but constantly undermining Hanna’s relationship with their adopted son. Hanna is anticipating the birth of a baby. During her pregnancy she receives portents or warnings. When Mark’s father dies suddenly, Hanna accompanies Mark to Nigeria for the funeral. While there, early labour is triggered – the baby born via emergency caesarean. Immediately after the birth, Hanna is unable to establish a mother/child bond, convinced that her baby has been exchanged for another.

When they return home, Mark becomes very work focused. His father has left him a substantial inheritance subject to conditions – working alongside former colleagues who seem intent on leading ‘The Sanctuary’ in a new and sinister direction. Mark begins exhibiting traits more and more like his father.

Although Hanna tries to hide it, her paranoia is escalating. She is haunted by a child phantom warning her of danger. Is she suffering from post-partum depression, or schizophrenia, or is she is being haunted – and if so, what is she being warned about? She must decide whether to stay for the sake of her family – try to convince Mark of her sanity, or to run away to avoid being locked up.