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For my MA Communities Module, I worked with Twin Trust (previously TAMBA) Bereavement Support. I was asked to write a Valentine’s letter to my grandsons, Jacob and George to help raise funds for their Big Research Appeal. the letter was published on the Twin Trust website and in The Mirror

Losing a Dream

“in the case of pregnancy loss, it is the loss of one we have just begun to love, of having imagined loving”.

(from Grief Unseen,  Laura Seftel)

Five and a half years ago, a dream came to an end when my daughter lost her twin boys at 24 weeks. This became the catalyst for my early retirement – the realisation that life is short and if I wanted to actually write a novel, I needed to get on with it.

In the third year of my MA in Creative Writing, it seems inevitable that I should choose TAMBA for my Communities module – perhaps the boys knew all along? After all, they permeate my thoughts, my life, my writing all the time. Is it really so surprising that each of my four draft novels includes a quest for a missing child? It is as if they have been guiding me to this place all along.

Sorry Jacob and George, your Granny has been a little slow, but she’s here now, and she’s listening.

Granny’s Story – Jacob and George

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