Three Faced Doll

Psychological Thriller

Five-year-old Ilona, Maya and Khalu are triplets. After a fatal accident, Ilona and Maya are orphaned and taken into care. A series of unfortunate incidences at their foster home leads to the sisters being moved to a children’s home where disturbing events continue.

Eventually Ilona is moved to another foster home where her life becomes more stable. By the age of eighteen she has a job, a flat and a boyfriend.

But then Maya returns.

Ilona is determined that Maya will not mess up her life again.

How can she free herself from her sister for good?

Extract from Novel 

I swallow and look down at the ground. Everything’s blurry. I squeeze my eyes tightly closed. ‘Stop it Khalu.’ Did I say that or was it Maya? My ears are humming. Something or someone brushes past me. A scream. A thud. The whole world shakes. Everything goes quiet.

I open my eyes to peer over the edge of the platform. You’re lying below us on a worn patch of grass. You’re not moving.

Suddenly someone shouts. Mummy’s running towards the slide. ‘Oh no, oh no.’ Reaching you, she skids to a halt on her knees. She strokes your forehead and lifts your hand. You’re limp, like Raggedy Doll. I look at Maya. A smile plays around her lips as she holds out her hand to pull me up.

‘Is she dead?’ I whisper.

‘No,’ says Maya, ‘don’t be silly.’

Maya puts her arm around me and we watch from above. Before long, two men in blue shirts whisk you and Mummy away. The ambulance drives out of the park and the siren fades.

When you and Mummy don’t come home, Mrs Wilson takes us to our house and puts us to bed. ‘Your sister will be fine,’ she says, ‘don’t you go worrying now.’

We don’t have a story that night. We don’t even ask to see the doll.

‘Did we make it happen?’ I ask Maya.

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