The Seven Processes of Self-Publication

Adapted from ALLI Self-Publishing Advice

Self-publishing authors are Indie authors

There are seven processes on the journey to self-publication. Yes, I did say seven, and no, we’re not going to throw in the towel. I’m sure we can work through these processes together. If I can do this then anyone can!

So, here’s the overview:

The first three come under the umbrella of making your book (after you’ve finished writing it of course) Put your hand up if you thought typing THE END was the end? Nope, turns out it’s just the beginning…

  • Editorial – this includes the content edit (which looks at the big picture to fix plot problems and character inconsistencies) and copy edit (which focuses more on grammatical issues)

  • Design – not just the book cover but the blurb (the bit that goes on the back of your book) and the tagline (which is particularly useful when selling on Amazon)
  • Production – this is where things start to get a bit technical – more to follow on future blogs

The next three processes are about selling your book

  • Distribution – how you’re going to get your book out there and grow your readers (big decisions here about whether you engage a distributor for a small fee or do this yourself)
  • Marketing – all the things that give information about you and your books – including your book cover, your website and creating the all-important mailing list
  • Promotion – this is time based more specific projects or special offers – limited sale, first book in trilogy cheap or free, cross promotions with other authors in same genre

And finally

  • Rights licensing – One of the big advantages of self-publishing. CONTROL IS KEY. Keep control of your rights, meta data, positioning, marketing and promotion

Are you still with me? Together we can do this.

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