To what extent is creative writing influenced by a writers’ life experiences? What is it that inspires, motivates putting pen to paper?

For me, reading Rebecca was the catalyst but, looking back, I was also haunted by the sister who died the year before I was born. It can’t be coincidence that all my novels incorporate a quest for someone missing? In later life, family bereavements continue to stimulate my writing splurges. Does creative writing help us to heal? 


Good luck to all my writer friends taking part in Nano this year – and why I’m taking this year out…

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Anticipation for Netflix’s Rebecca

Lily James looks as if she might be believable. The first time I read Rebecca, I was immersed so fully that I failed to notice the protagonist had no name – she was me, and I was her.

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Inspiration for Three Faced Doll

My novel Three Faced Doll was inspired by a doll my sister and I shared when were young. The plot developed from broodling about lost sisters, dead twins and madness in my family.

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Writing through Grief

It was while I was attending the Fowey Festival in Cornwall I received desperately sad news. My little brother, ten years my junior, had died. That’s not supposed to happen. His death came without warning and really threw me.

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Granny’s Story – Jacob and George

When you’re a parent, you want to keep your children safe and happy. That doesn’t stop just because they grow up. I shared in their joy and excitement as my daughter and her partner prepared for the birth, and I shared in their heartbreak…

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