Highwayman Coat

Highwayman Coat

Wide collar, deep cuffs conceal

a person of mystery.

Dark, secretive, in disguise.

Narrow waisted, bold shouldered.

Darth Vader, Jack Sparrow,

Highwayman of the apocalypse.

I remember my headmaster,

Sweeping along corridors, his academic

gown commanding fear and dread.

Master of the paso doble,

I swirl my cape like a bullfighter.

Black knight in a game of chess.

I wonder about its history.

Who owned the coat before me,

Before I claimed, cut, tamed it to fit

my sixteen year old frame.

The wearer is assertive, imposing, providing

opportunity to be someone I am not.

Was that me?

When school boys jostled, teased.

Retaliated calmly, crushing

their boater under my foot.

That coat had further lives to free.

I think of it and wish it still had me.

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