Ticket of leave

A story of survival and adventure, and how their lives intertwine in the New World

T.S. Eliot

I couldn’t leave Dorset without nipping across the border to Somerset and paying my respects to another great poet, T.S. Eliot.

Storying the Self

“We use the phrase ‘Storying the Self’ provocatively. ‘Storying
the Self’ complicates any notion that selves are easily definable or even knowable in any
direct way.

Prescient Spirit

She fears the baby isn’t hers. They say it is. Can she uncover the truth?

Anticipation for Netflix’s Rebecca

Lily James looks as if she might be believable. The first time I read Rebecca, I was immersed so fully that I failed to notice the protagonist had no name – she was me, and I was her.

My Loves and Passions

This blog is about the people and things that I care about. It’s hard to prioritise them as they’re all important.