Three Faced Doll

Ilona, Maya and Khalu are five-year-old triplets. There’s an accident in the playground and shortly afterwards both parents and Khalu are involved in a fatal car crash.

My Brother’s Dominatrix

When 45-year-old Phil dies of an unexpected heart attack, his straight-laced sister Sarah is shocked to find he’s left everything to his dominatrix.


Prescient Spirit

Mark and Hanna Conte run The Sanctuary, a private respite care home based in a former gothic monastery. They are anticipating the birth of their first baby and during Hanna’s pregnancy she receives portents or warnings.

The Changeling

After his father’s business takes a nose-dive, twelve-year-old Reuben has to leave his friends and move to Cornwall with his family.

Pearl Seekers

Sisters, Bekka and Liv are both struggling to cope after the breakup of their parents. Bekka’s rebellious and mixing with a bad crowd, whilst Liv assumes the role of peacekeeper.