Poem for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is really tough for any mummy who has experienced the loss of a child. One of the best ways to survive Mother’s Day is to prepare for it by anticipating and allowing for our emotions.

Granny’s Story – Jacob and George

When you’re a parent, you want to keep your children safe and happy. That doesn’t stop just because they grow up. I shared in their joy and excitement as my daughter and her partner prepared for the birth, and I shared in their heartbreak…

Broken Dolly

This poem was inspired by a broken doll that I saw when I visited Auschwitz in 2007.

That Look

Inspired by research on Victorian post mortem photography and my reflections on baby loss in the contemporary world.

Highwayman Coat

When I was sixteen I found an old coat in a charity shop. I took it home, adjusted it for size and virtually lived in it every winter for the rest of my teens.

Friends Clump

When Uncle John died, we scattered his ashes on Ashdown Forest one cold but bright wintery morning.


My dad spent the last eighteen months of his life in a nursing home when he became too confused to live at home.

The Changeling

After his father’s business takes a nose-dive, twelve-year-old Reuben has to leave his friends and move to Cornwall with his family.

Pearl Seekers

Sisters, Bekka and Liv are both struggling to cope after the breakup of their parents. Bekka’s rebellious and mixing with a bad crowd, whilst Liv assumes the role of peacekeeper.

Grandmas Button Box

Stimulated from a writing exercise at University, this reminded me of my Grandma’s house and her skill with a needle.