Three Faced Doll

Three Faced Doll

Three peas in a pod… but can you really trust the ones you love?

My Brother’s Dominatrix

When 44-year old Simon dies of an unexpected heart attack, his twin sister Sarah is shocked to discover his secret life.

Writing your way along your Healing Journey

The loss of a child is a dreadful and unnatural thing – your world is turned upside down. How can it be that this child, with their whole life and future ahead, should go before you?

Twin Trust Bereavement Articles

For my MA Communities Module, I worked with TAMBA (now Twins Trust) Bereavement Support. I was asked to write a Valentine’s letter to my grandsons, Jacob and George to help raise funds for their Big Research Appeal.


Pushing a pram at Birkenau

This photograph always makes me smile. I close my eyes and hear my daughter giggling in her pram. It’s a second-hand green Silver Cross with a rather fancy canopy and my daughter’s wearing a yellow and white gingham romper suit and a wide brimmed sun hat. I see her two pearly teeth in her cute little gummy smile.

Arthur Conan Doyle Lesson

Homeschooling Powerpoint. Suitable for key stage 2. Focuses on the life and work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.