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Suzi Bamblett

I’ve been obsessed by the novelist Daphne du Maurier since my early teens. In her biography of du Maurier, Margaret Forster suggests that Daphne wore many masks. ‘Daphne du Maurier’s children warned me […] that I would find their mother a chameleon.”

I too am a self-confessed chameleon, assuming roles of daughter, sister, mother, teacher, granny, student. My masks vary according to situation. As an avid fan of autoethnography, I like to bring these personal experiences into my fiction writing by situating myself or a version of myself into my stories.

Margaret Atwood suggests writing is often a reaction to fear of death, our way of leaving something behind when we’ve gone. Certainly, it was a succession of family bereavements which led me to take my writing more seriously.

And, all the while, Daphne continues to haunt me…

Suzi has published three novels. Her debut novel The Travelling Philanthropist . Her second novel Three Faced Doll and most recently Prescient Spirit

Suzi graduated Brighton University in 2019 with a distinction for her MA in Creative Writing. Part of her dissertation, An Imagined Dialogue, featured on the Daphne du Maurier website. She writes psychological thrillers and suspense for adults and young adults. Her short story, The Girl on the Swing, was published by Shooter Literary Magazine – Issue 11 Winter 2020 Supernatural. Suzi’s poems and short stories have been published in three Brighton University Anthologies, and she has produced short articles for Crowborough Conservation News.

Since 2017 Suzi has been a granny befriender for Twins Trust (formerly TAMBA). She continues creative writing with the Friday Writing Group in Hove and regularly takes part in NANOWRIMO.

Suzi Bamblett published author
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