To ‘broodle’ is to reflect, think, contemplate – something I do all the time, but particularly when jogging, driving, swimming or just taking a pause. This is my creative writing blog. I hope you will find something here to broodle upon…

April 2018
Suzi Bamblett is in the final stages of her MA in Creative Writing at Brighton University. This semester she is working on her dissertation – a novella, Three Faced Doll, combining life writing and fiction writing. She has completed the first draft of her YA/crossover novel, Pearl Seekers, and hopes to publish later this year. Suzi has three further novels, currently ‘works in progress’:  Travelling Philanthropist – a time slip novel, The Changeling – a YA/Fantasy, and Prescient Spirit – a Gothic psychological thriller.
In spring 2017 Suzi undertook a Communities Project supporting TAMBA Bereavement Support. Suzi also writes short stories and poetry, and has published work in Brighton University Anthologies – Small Worlds (2014) and Reflections (2015). Extracts of her academic work and Travelling Philanthropist can also be found at BrightONLINE.