To face mask or not to face mask?

IMG_6514So the WHO are holding a meeting to determine whether the general public should be wearing face masks. Up until now the advice has been that face masks don’t do much to protect the wearer, but are useful to avoid a contagious person from spreading the virus.

Perhaps the reason they’ve been discouraging the public from wearing masks is that there’s already a shortage of PPE for the wonderful health workers  risking their lives for us all.

There is an alternative. Why not make your own?

If you are going to make your own, just make sure you wash it after every use as a contaminated face mask is worse than no face mask. There are numerous instructions on line. Some simply require a handkerchief folded up with elastic bands or hairbands to secure – no sewing involved.


For those of you like me who doesn’t mind some simple stitching, there are numerous templates out there. Choose some tight weave fabric and have a go.

Here are some I made earlier:


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