Hedgehog Activity – pre-school

Pre-school age 3 – 4 years

IMG_6380 (1)Here is my hedgehog. His name is Hector. The baby one is hoglet.

What is your hedgehog called?
Facts about Hedgehogs (only use a few for pre-schoolers)

Hedgehogs are insectivores, meaning they like to eat bugs.

They live in forests and woodlands.

Hedgehogs are covered with sharp spines. When frightened, they curl up in a prickly ball.

During the day, they sleep like this so they’re safe. They come out at night to hunt.

Hedgehogs make grunting noses, which is why they’re called “hedge-hogs.”

This is what they sound like:

These cute animals eat almost any insect, including worms, centipedes, snails, frogs, mice and even snakes.

Hedgehogs hibernate in the winter in cold areas. In the desert, they burrow under the ground during the day to stay cool.

Hedgehogs like to be alone. They don’t make cuddly pets.

Some pet hedgehogs carry diseases, such as Salmonella. They’re also very fragile and easily hurt.

Hedgehogs have more than 5000 spines (quills). The spines last about one year and are replaced by new spines.

There are 17 known species of hedgehogs around the world.

A hedgehog’s eyesight is not the best, but they have excellent hearing and smell.

A baby hedgehog is called a hoglet

Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant – not good with dairy products


Being a hedgehog

Can you curl up like a hedgehog?

Go to sleep in daytime

It’s night-time now. Can you find some food?

What noises are you making?

What are you looking for?

How will you find it?


What can you remember?

Where do hedgehogs live?

What do hedgehogs eat?

What do they do in winter?

What are their spines called?

What is a baby hedgehog called?


Read a story about hedgehogs

For example – Stories for five-year olds – Hedgehogs don’t eat Hamburgers

(Or any other hedgehog story)


Make a hedgehog from playdoh

Here are some ideas to get you started:

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