How to Write a Story

Suitable for KS2 but can be easily adapted for KS1

Lesson outline/crib sheet for adult supervising (my thanks to BBC Bitesize and Twinkl – who are offering free resources during Coronavirus home schooling period)

All stories need a beginning, a middle and an end. They need characters (the people in the story) and a setting (the place and the time that the story happens).

Most stories need something to happen to the main character. The main character is called the protagonist. This can be a problem for them to resolve. This is called conflict.

There will be someone or something causing the problem. In some stories this will be the ‘bad guy’, also called the antagonist, but it doesn’t have to be a person. It might be a something like a storm, an accident, an alien invasion…

Watch this:

  • Who were the characters?
  • What happened at the beginning?
  • What happened in the middle?
  • What happened at the end?

Watch this:

  • Where and when was the setting?


Think about what your story will be about. You could mind-map or jot down some ideas.

Think about the characters. What are their names?

If you are stuck, watch this:

  • Where does your story happen? What time is it? Night, day, long ago…
  • What will happen at the beginning, the middle and the end.
  • How you start your story is called your ‘story opener’.
  • You should try and ‘hook’ your reader, so they want to read on with your story.
  • What is the problem or conflict that your main character must resolve?
  • Will your story have a twist at the end?

You can use the story mapping sheet to help you.

Now write your story…

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