World Poetry Day 21st March 2020

World Poetry Day began in 1999 with the aim of promoting poetry around the world.

It’s an opportunity to appreciate the power of poetry and how it captures the creative spirit.

Poetry is one of our most treasured forms of expression. It can be simple or complex, challenge traditional ideas or convey love and loss.

In the light of current unprecedented events, my poem had to be about Coronavirus.


We are at War


There’s a new flu, Covid-19.

The origin? Bat or pangolin.

They say it began in Wuhan.

Now the whole world’s in self-quarantine.


Virus attacks lungs and airways.

Consistent cough and temperature high.

Cruise ships stranded for days and days.

‘Bring us home,’ the passengers cry.


Wear a mask, cough into your sleeve.

Elbow bumping becomes the new norm.

Elderly to self-isolate,

joining those with weakened immune.


Shoppers fight over toilet rolls.

Queues for rice, pasta and spaghetti.

Hand sanitizers all but gone.

Supermarket shelves left empty.


Social distancing, wearing masks.

Boris tells us to work from home,

Wash our hands to Happy Birthday,

Tourists get drunk in Benidorm.


Flights are grounded, the borders closed.

News reports, increased fatalities.

Pleas go out for ventilators.

Dow Jones fall breaks Economy.


We are at War.

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