Self-isolating and coronovirus

Is it just me? Now I have all the time in the world to write, I waste it listening to increasingly depressing news bulletins. I’ve become obsessed.

Enough is enough – time for self-discipline! I shall establish a new daily routine – time to write balanced with well-being and emotional needs:

  • Getting some fresh air – going for a walk (as long as restrictions allow); get out in my garden (I know, I’m lucky to have one); opening a window and sitting with a cup of tea or coffee whilst listening to the birds and breathing deeply.
  • Taking exercise – going for a walk (as above); riding on my exercise bike; joining a ten to fifteen minute exercise routine (plenty on YouTube for free)
  • Leisure – reading a novel or listening to an audio book (Audible app is great) or a podcast (BBC Sounds has a wealth of free podcasts)
  • Learning a new skill – this could be a language (using a free app), knitting, crochet, drawing, painting, cooking – perhaps I’ll get creative with store cupboard basics (see Jamie Oliver 14 store cupboard recipes) or try my mum’s Lentil Soup recipe.

On BBC Breakfast this morning, a guest shared the ‘Gratitude Game’. He suggests sitting down with your family every day and asking:

  • What’s the one thing I’ve done today to make someone else happy?
  • What’s the one thing someone did today to make me happy?
  • What have I learnt today.

Let’s try it.

  • I’ve messaged friends and family, just to touch base, let them know I’m thinking about them, tell them I love them and I’m here if they’re struggling.
  • A note through my door from a kindly neighbour offering to shop or collect medication if I’m self-isolating.
  • I’ve learnt there’s a thing called Zoom for web-based video conferencing which might replace our fortnightly writing group now that Hove Library is closed until further notice.

How about you?




1 thought on “Self-isolating and coronovirus”

  1. I’m the opposite, Suzi. I try not to watch the bulletins but keep in tune maybe once a day. Following publication of the latest book I am now trying to catch up with everything else that needs doing in the house, I started with my study in the hope that I can get back to my characters who are shouting at me to return.
    It’s nice we are at least having some sunshine which is good for walking and I’ve heard that National Trust has opened up its properties to everyone for free.
    Zoom works so it’s good that you can still continue with your writing group.


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