Short Stories

It’s been a manic few days. Not one but two grandchildren celebrating birthdays this weekend. Luckily my daughter makes her own children’s cakes so I only had one to make. She’s doing a splendid and professional job and I’ve told her she will have to take over the family baton.

Here’s the cake I made for footie mad Will – the hornet is his team logo.IMG_6113 (3)

In between cake baking, after my success in Shooters literary magazine I’ve been prepping some #daphnedumaurier inspired #spookyshortstories for competition entry. Next month is the Fowey Festival competition ‘Not after Midnight’ deadline 16th March, followed by Writing magazine ‘Haunted’ deadline 15th May.

If you haven’t read any of Daphne’s short stories, they are worth a look. In fact, both the films ‘The Birds’ and ‘Don’t Look Now’ began life as Daphne du Maurier short stories.

The short story collection ‘The Doll: the lost short stories’ was unearthed by bookseller Ann Wilmore who hosts the brilliant Daphne du Maurierwebsite

Other short stories by Daphne that I’ve enjoyed are ‘The Breakthrough’ which has a sci-fi flavour and ‘The Alibi’, one of her best thriller suspense stories in my opinion. What happens when you allow sub-conscious thoughts free rein? Or perhaps that’s just my weird sub-conscious… The BBC dramatization is still available here.


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