Making a personalised square for the Memory Quilt

Here are some basic instructions for making your square. You don’t have to be particularly proficient with a needle to create a personalised square for the quilt. If you would like your square to be incorporated into the TAMBA memory quilt, please email me for details of where to send the finished square.

IMG_2153 (2)

There are so many bits and pieces you can buy ready-made from Hobbycraft or C & H. For example, you can get felt with an adhesive backing and cut out shapes or letters. You can also get designer felt with a glittery finish. Look for motifs or images that are significant to you.

If you don’t sew, perhaps granny or a friend would embroider the name (and date) on for you? Or you could buy some special marker pens for writing on fabric and write them on. The quilt is not likely to be washed.

049 - Copy (3)

The main thing to get right is the size, so that I can frame and sew the squares all together. Cut a square of fabric 13 cm x 13 cm. Perhaps you have some fabric that has a special significance to you? A piece from your wedding dress or baby clothes? Remember to allow at least a centimetre all the way around for the seam allowance. The whole design needs to be contained within a 10 centimetre square – see the rainbow and butterflies below. If you can’t fit the embroidered writing on the square, you can add a small panel approx 7 cm deep as shown below:

Here is the finished quilt I made for my daughter. The green quilt above is the one I kept myself. Link to main article.


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