Poem for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is really tough for any mummy who has experienced the loss of a child. One of the best ways to survive Mother’s Day is to prepare for it by anticipating and allowing for our emotions. It is so important to maintain an enduring connection with our little ones: talking to them, seeing and hearing the little messages they send us.

This week I spent some time with my grandsons, Jacob and George, and here is my poem – a Mother’s Day gift for my daughter, Sam Rumens, and for all other mummies who have suffered the loss of a child:

I am still your Mummy

I was your mummy

from that first positive pregnancy test.

Every hic, every kick,

every heart



Your mummy was born when the dream

of you was conceived.

I have lived and re-lived

every step, every tear



On Sunday I will take

my heart for a walk

to our special place.

I will speak

your name.


I am still your mummy,

so I can’t move on.

I carry you with me

in my heart.


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