Broken Dolly

image(This poem was inspired by a broken doll that I saw when I visited Auschwitz in 2007)


Come dolly, I take you for a pram ride.

See Mama, how dolly is dressed so fine.

How warm she is wrapped for our excursion.

Papa, round the garden we take a turn.


Leeba, for the journey I must dress you.

Times are hard and I cannot bear to watch.

Papa is stripped of everything – husband,

father, man. This is perhaps our last chance.


They say – pack for a new life. The rumours

heard cannot be true. The journey is long.

Crowded. You are

hungry. So cold.

I hold

you close.


At last we arrive, but what is this place?

They tear Papa away, but I keep you

still. Do not stir

little one for


is here.


There is a better place, but not found here.

They break my dolly,

my Leeba,

my heart.


Mama, my dolly is broken.

See, she has no face and no hair.

Come dolly, Papa will mend you,

See dolly.

But dolly can see

no more.

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