Friends Clump


Friends Clump


Stamp feet

Stride out


Mud in ruts

Hoof pocked


Clenched fists

Wind bites


Jaw aches

Hunker down

Cold gnaws


Sullen sky


Mustard gorse

Fallen needles

Bracken brown


forest vista creates panoramic patchwork of sepia



clefts cloud.

Magic paintbrush

colours heathland with creeping

 yellow wash. Soft floodlight reveals the stage.

 This is the place. Taking turns to circumambulate.

Peppering the roots of the Scots Pine with his ash.

Where they embrace, entwine. Nourish. Mulch.

This conifer will be the finest in the forest.

Sun fades. We shiver, pick pine cone

keep sake and make

our way


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