Scribbles & Reflections

Welcome to my website. I’m a published author, best known for creating psychological thrillers and suspense for young and ‘young at heart’ adults. My favourite author is Daphne du Maurier and I’m an enthusiastic autoethnographer.

Second novel available to pre-order.

Three peas in a pod… but can you really trust the ones you love?


To ‘broodle’ is to reflect, think, contemplate – something I do all the time but particularly when walking, exercising or just taking a break. I hope you will find something here to broodle upon…

My Story

Rebecca was the book that inspired me to write. Each teenage summer I equipped myself with new notebook and pen. Then life happened – boyfriend, marriage, children, degree, teaching career… The clock ticked on. If I was serious about becoming a creative writer it was time to quit the day job.

“The child destined to be a writer is vulnerable to every wind that blows.”

Daphne du Maurier, Growing Pains

Beta Readers

Working with beta readers is one of the best things a writer can do to improve their manuscript.

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Good luck to all my writer friends taking part in Nano this year – and why I’m taking this year out…

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Anticipation for Netflix’s Rebecca

Lily James looks as if she might be believable. The first time I read Rebecca, I was immersed so fully that I failed to notice the protagonist had no name – she was me, and I was her.

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The Portal

This poem was written as a personal response to unanswered questions after the death of my step son-in-law.

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